Monday, 4 November 2013

Term 4 PLG - Breens Intermediate

The Term 4 PLG was held on November 4th at Breens Intermediate School in Casebrook. A huge thank you to Brian Price and his team of teachers for hosting us.

Staff from Breens have been on a exciting journey over the last several years. Their school's values underpin their teaching and learning programmes, appraisal systems and are key drivers in the culture of the school.

They have modified their 1970's school buildings to provide transparency, deprivatised practice and to support their collaborative learning environments.

Participants in the PLG had the opportunity to hear Brian speak about the school's pedagogical development over the last six years. They then visited the three main learning pods, where staff shared their innovations, challenges and successes.
Coffee to begin!
Brian and Nicky start the afternoon.

Classroom Tours

Teacher Think Tank

Checking out the Collaborative Learning Environments

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