Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Invitation to join us...

Hi there,

As education in New Zealand and Canterbury continues to evolve and more schools are working in Modern Learning Environments, Open Spaces or using Collaborative Teaching methods we would like to develop a Professional Learning Group as a place for teachers to get together and talk about teaching, learning and collaboration. 

Our first gathering will be at Clearview Primary (20 Broadlands Drive, Rolleston) on Thursday 12th September at 4:30pm. 

There will be an opportunity to have a tour of the school, talk about the vision and design thinking behind the new space, as well as to learn how teachers are working collaboratively to teach in their learning environments. There will also be an opportunity to share what is happening at your school, discuss how we are adapting programmes and assessment methods to enhance teaching and learning. Chris Bradbeer, Associate Principal from Stonefields School in Auckland will also be joining us to discuss Open Learning Spaces and share the experiences that he and other local schools have had setting up a PLG up there.

Where are we heading?
We hope this will be the first of regular PLG sessions hosted in a variety of spaces around Canterbury. The idea is that our PLG will be a place for teachers to talk to teachers about learning, teaching and collaboration in modern learning environments. With many schools investigating open learning spaces, what are the opportunities and challenges that they present? What can we learn from each other about as we seek to maximise the benefits of these new spaces? The PLG provides a great opportunity to talk with other teachers and leaders who are either already in open learning spaces, are about to embark on new buildings or conversions, or simply those who share an interest. 
How do I get involved?
Visit our blog, see what we are all about and register for the first meeting. It’s free to come along, but registration allows us to cater for our attending guests. 
If you know anyone who may also be interested in getting involved in the group, please pass the details on. All are welcome.
We look forward to meeting with you,
The Clearview Primary team

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